How Downtown Milton Has Changed by Irene Sales

I was born on the 4th line North of Derry Road. We walked to the 6th line school. It was called #7 but we called it the sixth line because it was just past 6th line on Derry Road. I went to Oakville Trafalgar High School, as there were no buses to Milton! But we had a bus to Oakville. Where I live now, at 40 Ontario street, used to be Hayward Transport. Where the old library was on Pearl was Bruce Street Public School. Main street years ago used to be angle parking, and the stores on Saturday night used to be open until 9 o’clock. The Petro Canada on Bronte Street and Main used to be Kelly McEachern Garage and Gas station. The arena was on Brown Street and then they built the old post office, and now it’s the ReStore. We used to go to hockey games all the time. Where Canada Trust is now on Main and Charles St. there was a big brick home with an iron fence around it and it belonged to a Mr. Gowlan. Bruce Mcnab Funeral home was on the other corner on Charles and Main. There was a hardware store on the corner where Delacourts is. The old post office was at the intersection of Main and Martin Street and now there’s a restaurant in there. On Main Street used to be Johnston’s garage and Troy’s Diner and a convenience store in there as well. I remember going to the Milton Fair with my kids and they had to wear snowsuits and gloves. Where the new Town Hall is now, there used to be a big red brick house and it was the McGibbon house and right around the corner of Brown street and Main Street used to be the McGibbon Hotel. It burned down in 1973 and now it’s a parking lot. The old Milton theatre was on Main Street but it had a fire. There are stores in there now. Then they built a movie theatre up on Margaret Drive where the Fifth Wheel was, and Kelsey’s is there now. In 1936 I was born in Mrs. Raspberry’s house; I believe it was on Mill Street.

I remember coming down Main Street. My dad had a 28’ Chevy and every time we came down Main Street it would shimmy because the roads were rough, not paved as they are now.

February 2016