Milton, It's a Warm Place by Gladys Newman

I have lived in Milton since 2004. I moved from Cambridge to Thompson and Main.

When I lived in Cambridge I used to travel to Toronto where I worked for a number of years. On my way home, I usually drove into Milton in the 90’s to get my gas and finish my journey home. At that time, Main Street was only one way up, one way down. It seemed like a small place just coming in on Main street. There were quite a bit of cornfields on Main Street. I was just going into the gas station and then going back out.

When they started to develop the area I was ecstatic. It was a shorter trip than from Cambridge into Toronto. I was able to purchase a home from Green Park. Since 2004, I have seen a great difference in commercialization. Needless to say, Miltonians, those who lived here for many years before, weren’t quite ready for the expansion or change. Fast forward 10-12 years and looking at how it as then I think ‘this is so great’, it brought in the movie theatre, shopping centres, Wal-Mart, Staples. They widened the roads, and perhaps even now they can say Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. Back then they were building homes like wildfire. Those coming in now and those who lived here all those years before, they must be happy because there’s so many businesses coming in and it strengthens the community at large. I like it here. It's a central community; it’s closer to Toronto, and it’s close to Hamilton, where I go quite a bit. It’s close to all these cities. I really like Milton, it’s a warm place.

March 2016