Milton Running Shoes by Margaret Brown

Each year we went to the Milton Fall Fair. Nine times out of ten it was rainy and very muddy. In order to fix that problem, they always wore their little rubber boots. We invited my brother and his son from Toronto to join us. We all had such a good time that we made it an annual affair. My brother, Nick, named their rubber boots "Milton Running Shoes". The question asked before leaving the house would be, "Are you wearing your Milton Running Shoes?". One year it was so muddy that Paul walked one foot right out of his boots. The mud sucked them right off. We still laugh about it today, although they are grown and now have their own family.

Before St. Nicolas School was built at the corner of Woodward and Wilson, we would stop to hear the toads and frogs singing in the mud as we passed for our walk. After it was built, there was a mound of earth left in the field. In the winter, as soon as that mound was covered in snow, it was our neighbourhood sleigh hill. Although it was small, it was covered in kids enjoying the Canadian winter.

March 2016