Milton, Then and Now by Marleen Risden

I moved to Milton in 2002. When we came to Canada, we were travelling back and forth between Cambridge and Toronto. We moved to Canada 50 years ago, my father worked at Galt. We moved to Hespeler when it became Cambridge. When we would drive from Cambridge to Toronto to visit family there was nothing on the road to see but the prison. It was the only thing between Cambridge and Milton. Just empty space. Even one day back in the 80’s, I took my kids for a ride and came across Lower Base Line and it was Halloween and all I saw were bonfires. I realized if I didn’t turn around and go back home, I would get lost, so I went back home.

The super centre was not there. There was the Loblaws, but when it moved to the superstore everything build up around it. We had a lot of cornfields, a lot of farms. I was country, so when I moved to Milton I was quite happy! We were country and then we were suddenly city so this was a nice mix.

March 2016