Recollections of Milton from 1956 by Margaret Banner

In 1956, we moved to Milton. Things were very different coming here. I had lived in a big town in England and had come over to Montreal, where I met up with my husband and we drove from Montreal to Milton. He was in a boarding place and I couldn’t stay with him, so I stayed with friends on Martin Street. I remember the next morning I woke up and walked down Main Street and didn’t see anyone, not a soul. There was no mall back then, and the population was about 8 or 9 thousand. After a few days, I found everyone was very friendly and I really got to like being here. I was a bit homesick at times I must say. We had an apartment on Martin Street we rented with an Italian couple, and then we got a house on George Street and had two children there. After about 6 years I had two more children, and the house was a bit small, only two bedrooms, so we moved to Bell Street. We lived there about 10 years, and the kids went to Martin Street School. I had always wanted to live in the country, so we bought a house on 10 side street about half an acre.

I worked at Milton District Hospital part time as a nurse in obstetrics, but worked quite a bit because they were always short staff there. I really enjoyed working there; I found it better than the hospital in England. Before the hospital, I worked at Dr. Stevenson’s clinic on Martin Street. The house is no longer there now. It was right by the creek near Martindale. In 1959 the hospital moved to the new location where it is now and I worked there, still in the maternity ward. I worked from 1963 on and off until 1996 at the hospital, and then I retired.

March 2016